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Head Marala Road, Kotli Loharan West, Sialkot City, Punjab, Pakistan.


It is not work we do; it is a ritual

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Message from CEO:

At the Road of the gods,under the magical culture of Metalgod,to fiddle with metal is deemed heretically felonious, rather a hanging offence. There is no place for any complacent fatalism. What we believe in is an existential pragmatism. There, with great verve and élan, our sagacious gods work with diligence, circumspection and utmost finesse.As surgical is a persnickety job, we therefore,work far from the citified bedlam.At Metalgod,borrowing from the Hellenistic virtues,we combine the Spartan endurance and the Athenian wisdom–the restless masculine power of Dionysus and the quiet feminine beauty of Apollo.After a panoptic surveillance,having passed an infernal purgatory,every single instrument of ours becomes a Nietzsche’s Dancing Star,i.e.,the Superman.Therefore,value-addition is our watchword. At Metalgod, sin-born tools have no place for baptism. What is exiled is forever anathematized. Undoubtedly, our biggest bugbear is degeneration and retrogression. Under our puritanical code, to stoop to human eristicism is considered an Original Sin. What is desired is not impeccability, it is infallibility. It is a New Business Order. Thus, we say that a finer instrument has a divine right to rule.